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Player Profile: Smexxin

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Smexxin is a professional World of Warcraft player for the newly formed team The Boys created with Gorecki, Chunli, and Thugonomics. He has been competing in WoW Esports since 2015 with a variety of teams such as Luminosity, the Super Rejects, and a couple Method rosters. Known primarily as a warrior, but being an accomplished multiclasser as well, Smexxin placed second at the 2016 Blizzcon Finals with Method in a famously close 3-4 scoreline.

Last year Smexxin spent the spring season again under the Method banner but with a different lineup consisting of Snutz, Samiyam, and Gorecki. After Gorecki left to join the Rejects before the summer season, Smexxin created an unusual team from the remnants of the North American scene with Thugonomics, Kolo, and your’s truly, appropriately named the Super Rejects. They saw decent success in the summer season featuring a last-place finish at that season’s LAN finals, followed by a largely uneventful fall season.

Overall, 2018 was a rather unstable year of competition for Smexxin. Roster changes and the collective point system of the AWC meant qualification for Blizzcon was almost impossible for him from the start. Looking to this year, starting this upcoming year right with some solid results with The Boys will be key to a successful 2019 AWC for Smexxin.

Having a unique perspective on the arena scene stemming from his consistency as a top competitor, I asked him about what he learned from last year, what he hopes to accomplish this year with the new team, and his thoughts on some of the more debated aspects of the AWC.

Last year was up and down for you in general, from roster swaps, to just barely not qualifying for LANs, to rebuilding a team midyear. Is there anything you think you’ve learned from and plan to apply to the upcoming seasons?

I feel the most important thing this year for me, will be to have a healthy balance in competition/fun/communication. It’s so easy to get caught up in being all business trying to win, and this year I want to do that to the best of my ability but always be on the same page as my teammates and most importantly - enjoy myself.

Method Orange and The Move both had a solid hold over the North American region last year and unlike other teams, their rosters didn’t change this year. Do you think any of the new lineups, including yours, are going to shake up the “top dogs” of the NA scene?

I firmly believe this year will be the most competitive year we’ve ever seen for WoW pvp in the NA scene. So many rosters have been formed from great players, and I’m really excited to see how it all pans out this year. I’m incredibly confident in my team, and super eager to prove ourselves.

There are only a few LAN tournaments available each year for WoW players, and they are played without addons. How important to you is it that all of your team members are experienced with the LAN environment?

I feel like having a few people on the team with LAN experience can definitely lighten the load overall, but I’ve actually been really impressed with a lot of newcomers to the season in the past couple years.

You’ve been known as a consistent multiclasser in the past, and you’ve recently leveled up a death knight to combine with Chunli’s windwalker for the upcoming season. Is there a distinct weakness your team hopes to cover with the death knight and do you think there are anymore new compositions or classes The Boys will pick up?

Historically, death knight pairs pretty well with windwalker and having such incredibly skilled players such as Chunli and Gorecki to play with will definitely offer and advantage versus certain things. I think it’s less about covering weaknesses at this point and more about broadening our capabilities. We’re all determined to do what it takes to win, and I personally will play whatever I need to to make that happen.

Both online and offline play look to be extremely competitive this year with the new Blizzcon qualification rules. Are there any particular teams that The Boys are looking forward to competing against, in both EU and NA?

We’re approaching every team with the same level of determination and respect. Underestimating teams can quickly put you at a disadvantage and spiral out of control before you know it.

Battle for Azeroth controversially reintroduced trinkets into PvP. Several trinkets have been extremely impactful to tournament play, and with the addition of Gladiator’s Maledict and a few new tank trinkets this season looks to be similar. What do you think about trinkets in tournament play? If you had to compromise would you rather see offensive or defensive options?

I personally love having more interactions and ways to make plays in the game. Well timed trinkets can win or save you, and it can add another layer of skill. Tank trinkets will definitely slow down the game, but is honestly needed vs certain things…(rogue mage)

The AWC point system encourages teams to stick together the full year for the most likely chance at Blizzcon Qualification. Last year you had the unique experience of having to change teams after the spring season, thus losing your points and having a much less likely chance of qualifying. Do you think this is a fair system? Would you like to see any changes to it?

I don’t really have a problem with roster swap penalty. I think the biggest issue last year was the top-heavy point rewards for first and second from cups. I’m pretty happy with the system overall.